Anything But Black & White exists to help people push boundaries. We want to blow past boarders and straight lines to create space for people to connect and experience the world in a new way. Below you will find more about the Founders of Anything But Black and White.



Brit Barron is a speaker, writer and diversity consultant. She spends a lot of her time talking about how race, gender and sexuality interact with our everyday lives. She believes that we all have a place at the table and her goal to create spaces and environments for people to feel confident to enter conversations about justice, race, inclusion and what it means to be human.



Cory Marquez is the Pastor of New Abbey. It is an intentional and missional community that calls Pasadena home. In addition to speaking, writing and consulting; Cory is most interested in having conversations that no one else is having. He is passionate about being a part of stories that no one else is telling and exploring any and all new ideas that come his way.

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