Anything But Black & White exists to help people push boundaries. We want to blow past borders and straight lines to create space for people to connect and experience the world in a new way. Join us for our next conversation!


a weekend for queer christians.

Candice Czubernat a So-Cal based LGBTQ therapist + Brit Barron a So-Cal based LGBTQ pastor at New Abbey Church looked around and saw a need. Where do LGBTQ christians gather to be encouraged, affirmed and empowered? Where do we go to be reminded that we are whole people who deserve to have good time? Well, we couldn’t find it so we decided to Create it. If you find yourself feeling alone, wanting to connect with other queer christians, want to learn how your spirituality and your sexuality can co-exist, or finally give back to yourself for fighting so hard for so long. This weekend is for you! Come and do something for yourself.


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